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Scholarly Publishing & Communication

A guide for Faculty and Librarians covering DigitalCommons@WayneState, Author's Rights, Open Access, and other related topics.

Biographical Sketch and SciENcv

A biographical sketch, or biosketch, is a short biographical document required by both the NSF and the NIH for anyone identified as senior or key personnel in a grant or award proposal. The biosketch includes sections on education and training, awards and honors, publication, and more. These pieces of biographical data are used by peer reviewers and staff in evaluating a grant or award proposal.

SciENcv is a tool jointly developed by the NIH and NSF in order to streamline and standardize the creation of biosketches for both agencies. It gathers information from sources like MyNCBI, eRA commons, NSF FastLane, and ORCID to quickly and easily create compliant biosketches.

Setting up a SciENcv account

Log in with (or create) an appropriate account

The primary options are eRA Commons or NSF FastLane, but there are additional options for logging in to SciENcv as well (just click the "More Options" button).

Link (or create) your MyNCBI account

You'll automatically be prompted to either create a new NCBI account or link an existing one. Selecting "Create a new NCBI account" will require you to create a username for the new account, while selecting "Link to an existing NCBI account" will prompt you to enter your existing NCBI account credentials (or recover forgotten credentials).