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Scholarly Publishing & Communication

A guide for Faculty and Librarians covering DigitalCommons@WayneState, Author's Rights, Open Access, and other related topics.

What is DigitalCommons?

DigitalCommons@WayneState (DC@WayneState) is an institutional repository maintained by Wayne State's Library System. Its purpose is to:

  • Provide a method of Open Access publication and/or self-archiving for Wayne State University faculty, staff, and graduate students
  • Collect, organize and provide perpetual access to the intellectual output of WSU as broadly as possible

You can use DC@WayneState to provide an Open Access copy of your work by:

  • Self-archiving a version of your published journal articles
  • Uploading your unpublished or out-of-print scholarship such as book chapters, book/article manuscripts, conference presentations, white papers, or datasets

Why is Self-Archiving in DC@WayneState Important?

DC@WayneState is an Open Access publishing tool that help to maximize the distribution of your research.

According to various research studies, open access articles are viewed and cited more frequently than non-open access articles, thereby increasing an article's impact.

DC@WayneState gives you a permanent space to archive and disseminate your publications, presentations, data sets, or any research/scholarly output you generate at Wayne State.

Anything you deposit in Digital Commons is given a stable URL, a permanent web address that will always be associated with that work. In addition, your work will always be identified with your name and its date of submission.

Helps authors retain control over their copyright.

Most commercial publishers retain copyright over your work when it's published. Self-archiving in Digital Commons doesn't require authors to surrender their copyright, just permission to distribute the work freely. The library can also work with you to help you retain your copyright on articles you publish in the future.

Digital Commons content is indexed by both Google and Google Scholar, and provides you with monthly readership reports to track the impact of your work.

Use download and page views stats to provide evidence of interest in your work. Digital Commons will also optimize your content to ensure high visibility in Google and Google Scholar.

To get started, contact your subject specialist librarian.

DigitalCommons@WayneState Policy

The DigitalCommons@WayneState Policy outlines the scope of WSU's institutional repository, including acceptable types of research/scholarship, supported file formats, copyright agreements, and acceptable use of DigitalCommons content.