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This guide has links to helpful resources in German language, literature, and cultural studies (includes Yiddish).

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Citing images in MLA Citation Style (with Thanks to Veronica Bielat)

When using MLA Style 8th Ed. for citing images, you should try to include these core elements

  1. Author, Artist or Creator
  2. "Title of the item."
  3. Source (website) name,
  4. Publication or Created date  Formatted as DD MMM. YEAR (example:  18 Aug. 2015,) Use n.d. if there is no date.
  5. Location (URL/link.)
  6. Accessed DD MMM YEAR (example: Accessed 1 Oct. 2017.)

Examples of citing an image in MLA style (8th Ed.)

An image found using an internet search or photograph search site

Mike Boening Photography. "Douglas MacArthur Bridge - Belle Isle"., n.d. Accessed 6 Oct. 2017.

Note: Creative Commons images should also include the Photo Credit information provided on the website directly under the image in your presentation or paper, in addition to your citation in your references page.

An image found in an e-book (like the Images of America books)

Poremba, David Lee. "The 1886 Detroit Wolverines". Baseball In Detroit, 1998. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing. p. 9. Images in America.

An image found on an organizational website (such as the Library of Congress)

Detroit Publishing Company. "Water parade, Belle Isle [Park], Detroit, Mich." Library of Congress, 1908. Accessed 31 Oct. 2017.