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What You Should Know About Your WSU AccessID and Password

How do I get a WSU Access ID?
A WSU Access ID has been assigned to current residents and fellows and will be distributed by the program.  A WSU Access ID for all new residents and fellows in approved programs will be requested and obtained by the DMC GME Office and will be provided to the respective program for dissemination.

What does my WSU Access ID look like?
A WSU Access ID is the unique, six-character alphanumeric “user name” that is assigned each WSU student, faculty, and staff member that looks like (xx1234). Use your WSU Access ID when logging on to WSU academic and library resources.

Who do I contact for my WSU Access ID and initial password?
Both your WSU Access ID and initial password have been disseminated to the respective program coordinators. You will need to contact that individual if you have not received communication from them.

What if I forget my WSU Access ID?
You should contact your respective program coordinator. 

Password Maintenance
Passwords must be changed on a regular basis. Wayne State's Strong Password Standard calls for minimum password expiration cycles:

  • Faculty, staff, student assistants and guests must change their password at least once every 180 days. This includes Group Accounts.

  • Students and retirees must change their password at least once every 360 days

  • Passwords that are not changed within the limits noted above are expired, and the individual must change his or her password during the next logon. 

  • The expiration cycle resets each time a password is successfully changed.

  • An individual may change his or her password at any time—it is not necessary to wait for expiration.

  • For AccessID passwords: Individuals will receive an advance warning via e-mail of pending password expiration 2 weeks prior to and 3 days prior to expiration.

Remote Access Using EZproxy

DMC-WSU Residents can access library resources remotely using the WSULS EZproxy system. EZproxy automatically directs users to login using their WSU AccessID and password. Try the following simple steps for remote access:

  • Select a resource from this guide or the Shiffman Medical Library website.
  • The EZproxy icon will appear, login using your WSU AccessID
  • If you experience any problems, see if they are addressed on the EZproxy FAQ.