Shiffman - Library Services for DMC-WSU Residents


DMC-WSU Residents, please be prepared to show you've passed the Guest Campus Daily Screener to enter Shiffman Medical Library:

  1. Do I need a badge or One-Card to visit Shiffman Medical Library?
  • One-Cards are checked when entering the Mazurek Education Commons. WSU Access IDs are required for remote access to WSULS online resources.
  1. How do I get a WSU Access ID?
  • A WSU Access ID has been assigned to sponsored residents and fellows and will be distributed at the program level.  A WSU Access ID for all new residents and fellows in approved programs will be requested and obtained by the DMC GME Office and will be provided to the respective program for dissemination.
  1. What does my WSU Access ID look like?
  • A WSU Access ID is the unique, six-character alphanumeric “user name” that is assigned to each WSU student, faculty, and staff member and looks like (xx1234).  Use your WSU Access ID when logging into WSU academic and library resources.
  1. Who do I contact for my WSU Access ID and initial password?
  • Both your WSU Access ID and initial password have been disseminated to the respective program coordinators.  You will need to contact that individual if you have not received a communication from them about your WSU access ID and password. 
  1. What if I forget my initial password and WSU Access ID?
  1. Do I need to activate my WSU Access ID? 
  • No, but you will need it to access WSU library resources, including accessing computers within the Library System and for authenticating into EZproxy to access and download WSU-sponsored databases and articles remotely.
  1. How do I access the WSU library website?
  • On the DMC GME website, there is a link to Shiffman Library and the welcome page for DMC-WSU Residents (the Shiffman Medical Library Services for DMC-WSU Residents Timesaver Guide).  Click on that link and you will be taken to the Guide page where this FAQ list is posted, along with other pertinent information. Your WSU Access ID and password will be requested to access WSU Libraries' licensed online resources and to request articles.
  1. How do I get a full-text article?

There are two pathways to full-text articles.

  • Have an exact citation: Use the “Request Article Delivery” link on the Library Services for DMC-WSU Residents guide.  
  • 360 Link to Full-Text in a database search: Click on the “360 Link to Full text” button.

360 Link to Full-Text searches for options to retrieve full-text articles within a given database. Click on the Article link that appears in a new window to view options to access the full-text article.

If you receive a message indicating the article is unavailable, use the Digital Delivery option and enter your information. The system delivers a PDF version of the article in a day or two via email. 

If you are having problems locating an article, please contact a Shiffman Librarian via email at, by phone at 313-577-1094, or by visiting us on the first floor of the Mazurek Medical Education Commons.

  1. How do I access WSU Library resources remotely?
  • WSU faculty, staff and students have remote access to a growing number of library resources through EZproxy. We recommend starting on the DMC-WSU Residents Guide.  A current WSU AccessID and password are required to log into licensed resources. If you experience any problems, visit the EZproxy FAQ or contact the library for assistance.
  1. How can I connect to the wireless network in Shiffman Medical Library?
  • Use WSU wireless, an open network — just like those in many cafes, public libraries, and other establishments with Wi-Fi hotspots. Login using your WSU Access ID or SOM account. Your password is protected (encrypted) during the login process.  We strongly recommend using WSU-SECURE
  1. Where is Shiffman Medical Library located?
  • Vera P. Shiffman Medical Library is located on Wayne State’s medical campus on the first floor of the Richard J. Mazurek, M.D., Medical Education Commons. 
  1. When should I contact the WSU C&IT HelpDesk? C&IT Help Desk provides complimentary technical support with Wayne Connect email, Academica, and other WSU supported systems. Please note C&IT does not authorize or give permissions to access Library resources. 

You can reach the WSU C&IT Help Desk in the following ways:

  • Call (313) 577-4357 (HELP), Monday - Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Email at any time. Do not send your Social Security Number or password via email. 
  • C&IT Help Desk is closed on university holidays.
  1. When should I contact the Vera P. Shiffman Medical Library?
  • If you are sponsored DMC Resident and have issues accessing Library resources, including accessing articles and databases on-site or via EZ Proxy and/or logging into Library System computers, you may contact Vera P. Shiffman Library at 313-577-1094 or These accounts are monitored by Shiffman librarians Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM. Inquiries sent outside of operating hours will be answered the following business day, we appreciate your cooperation.  
  1. I'm a (new/transfer/current) Resident or Fellow at DMC. How do I access WSU library resources?
  • Only sponsored Residents and Fellows in WSU/DMC joint residency programs are granted access to WSU library resources. If you experience problems accessing WSU library resources contact your program coordinator or the DMC GME Office to confirm your eligibility.

      16. How do I receive a code for BMJ Case Reports?

  • We do have an institutional fellowship with BMJ Case Reports. To take advantage of it, the corresponding author must have a WSU affiliation beyond the DMC-WSU residency status. Therefore, DMC-WSU residents must publish with a WSU student or faculty member. DMC-WSU residents cannot receive the code without a WSU affiliate. Please have your WSU affiliate complete this form with the corresponding author's information, and we will respond to the WSU affiliate with a code that the author(s) enter during the manuscript submission process that waives the submission fee.