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How to Use RefWorks

This guide will show you how to create your account in ProQuest RefWorks, use RefWorks to organize your citations, and use your citations in Word and Google Docs.

Which should I use? Write-N-Cite or RCM (Refworks Citation Manager)

There are 2 different add-ins you can use with Word on Mac or PC versions of Word that will allow you to access your RefWorks account while you are writing and integrate your references and build your bibliography or list of references.

Use the guide below to select the best version for you. 

Write-n-Cite RCM (Refworks Citation Manager)

I want to work offline

I need to be able to add page numbers to my in-text citations

I want to be able to disconnect my paper from RefWorks so I can do my own final editing of references

I need to be able to submit different versions of the paper for instructor or advisor comments.

I am NOT running Word 2016 on a Mac (only RCM can be used with Word 2016 on a Mac)

I will always be working on my paper while connected to the internet

I do not need to add page numbers to my in-text citations

I am using Word 2016 on a Mac (only RCM works with Word 2016 on a Mac)

I am using the Office 365 cloud version of Word and need to be able to write and access my paper from different computers.

More about installing and using Write-n-Cite  More about installing and using RefWorks Citation Manager

Our recommendation is to use the Write-n-Cite add-on for Word on PC or Mac, because of the flexibility in editing in-text citations as you go, and the ability to use the Remove Field Codes function in the add-on so you (the writer) can make final edits to the in-text citations or bibliography/list of references.

There is also an option of RefWorks for Google Docs. It functions similarly to RCM.

Creating Bibliographies and Using Write-N-Cite

Do you need to work offline?

The Add-In RefWorks feature for versions of Word 2016 and above maintains a live connection to RefWorks and does not allow offline work.

Use the Write-N-Cite plug in (download from the Tools in RefWorks) for newer versions of Word instead of the Add In if you are planning to work offline. You will need to choose to work with one or the other (do not install both). This option is not available for those using Word for Mac.  

RCM (RefWorks Citation Manager)

An Important Note About Adding Page Numbers to Citations using RCM

You will want to use the suffix feature to add your punctuation and page number to the in-text citation. The pages box only works with styles where page numbers are included in-text as part of the standard citation style.

Use the Suffix box in Edit this Citation to add your page number. You will need to include a , and a space before the page number.

For example, enter the following into the Suffix box and the page number will appear properly formatted in your in-text citation.

, p. 101