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Studio Glass:  The Art of Fire

Selector: Rhonda McGinnis

Studio Glass, works of art made by glassblowers in their own studios, had its humble beginnings in 1962 in a shed behind the Toledo Museum of Art. Over the past 60 years the art form has grown and developed until it can truly stand evenly with painting or sculpture as a means of artistic expression.


"It is through the insatiable, adventurous urge of the artist to discover the essence of glass that his own means of expression will emerge."  Harvey K. Littleton


History of the Studio Glass Movement

This brief 5 minute video from the Smithsonian Channel describe how a group of artists met at the Toledo Museum of Art to bring glass out of the factories and into the studios.

Watch Studio Glass Artists at Work

Dale Chihuly     Dale Chihuly

Bill GudenrathBill Gudenrath

Various Artists glass furnace

Places to View Studio Glass Artworks



Examples of Studio Glass

Dominick Labino

April Wagner--"Flambeaux"

Toots Zynsky--"Aroma"

April Wagner

Peter Bremers--"Emerging Space"

Zora Palova--"Three Oasis Light Green"

Harvey K. Littleton

Irene Frolic--"Thoughts: Front and Back"

April Wagner

Colin Reid--"Red Crescent"

Noel Hart--"Search for the Noble Ara"

Colin Reid--"Curlicue"

Dominick Labino--"Vitrana"

Harvey K. Littleton

April Wagner

Colin Reid--"Untitled"

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