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VAC Program

Careers and College Education

BigFuture BigFuture will help you learn about your options for education and training after high school to  prepare you for a career. This button will take you to the BigFuture website.

  • To learn about different careers and and college majors, go to Explore Careers and select "Major and Career Search"
  • To find information about choosing colleges, go to Find Colleges and select "College 101"

onet onlineo-net is a website sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor. You can explore occupations, and get a thorough description of the different occupations and the skills and education required. You can also link to job ads to better understand employer expectations, and other education, experience, licensure or certifications that may be required. Different states sometimes have different requirements for certain jobs, especially those in health care.

How do I pay for college?

Mapping Your Future The Mapping Your Future site is a great resource for you to learn about saving for  and managing the cost of college.



 The Michigan Student Aid site gives you information about financial aid to help pay for college.  Explore this site to find grants, scholarships, and programs that you would be eligible for to help  pay for your college.

College Navigator

College NavigatorCollege Navigator will help you find colleges by sorting them from a list of your  criteria, such as location, major, and level of award.

 Make a list of your favorite colleges to compare them side-by-side.

What does a scientist look like?