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VAC Program

Michigan Electronic Library (MEL)

The Michigan eLibrary (MEL) is a collection of online, licensed resources provided by the State of Michigan to all of its residents for free.

These resources are called databases. The information you will find in them--articles, books, book chapters, and more, are not available through Google. Their access is limited to those who have paid for the service (in this case, the State of Michigan).

You can get to the Michigan eLibrary through its website,

MelTEENS Gateway

Mel TEENS Gateway

The MeL Teens Gateway has been created to help high school students with homework, health information and college preparation.

We will explore the Life Happens-->Vocations/Jobs section for resources to help us with a job search, interviewing and networking skills and writing resumes and cover letters.

Learning Express Library

Learning Express Library logoLearning Express Library is a licensed database that you can access through the Michigan Electronic Library. You can find it in the MEL Database list, or the Teen Gateway.

This button will take you to the Career Center. 

When you get to the Career Center, select Job Search and Workplace Skills to find the tutorial for creating a great resumes and cover letters.


Internet Resources: Resumes and Cover Letters

Google-ing information on writing resumes and cover letters can also provide good resources, but you have to be careful. NEVER send money to a site that promised a job or help with writing letters, they are usually not reputable for entry-level jobs. And always be careful about open internet websites that ask you for personal information or want you to set up an account.

Following are some reputable websites we found that might help with your resume and cover letter writing.