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Social Work and Libraries: Connections


The Library and Social Work Connection

"Libraries help people find what they need. Peer navigators/social workers help people find the resources they need to succeed."   

Kevin King


Libraries are always looking for ways to serve better the community that they are a part of. A new service that libraries are adding to their repertoire is social workers. Social workers can provide additional resources that libraries cannot provide alone. They are also more knowledgeable about certain topics. This is a new direction that libraries are taking and it's one of great importance.

About this Guide

This research guide is meant to provide focused resources related to the evolving practice of social workers working in public libraries. The main Article tab presents some resources to get help begin your research. Articles are then divided into subcategories to help narrow reference options. Professional Organizations offer additional resources and opinion pieces discussing the progression of the practice that is gaining popularity across the U.S. as well as globally. Videos & Podcasts presents media resources to learn about the topic in a concentrated time frame. News coverage lists some of the news stories that profile the experiences of social workers and new changes made to library practices. We hope that this research guide will help you navigate the relevant resources and gain insight into the relationship between libraries and social work.

Guide phase one: Kelsey Cloughley, SIS student enrolled INF Practicum: Library Services, Fall 2020

Guide phase two: Caitlin Hickey, SIS student enrolled in INF 7160 Advanced Online Searching, Winter 2021


Did You Know? The Library Has a Social Worker