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Social Work

Scholarly, Popular and Trade Publications and Peer Review

Review the Popular, Trade or Scholarly handout linked below and watch the 2 videos.

Example: Popular, Trade and Scholarly Articles

Hint: Select the PDF after you select the article link to view the article as it appeared in the print publication. All of these articles were retrieved from library databases.

Popular/Mainstream – Lau, A. (2014). A series of unconscionable events. Psychology Today, 47(5), 18-19.

Trade/Practitioner - Peevy, J. (2017). Holding staff accountable: Personal accountability is the foundation of a positive business culture.  Auto Body Repair Network, 56(7), 22-26.

Scholarly/AcademicWelsh, D. T., Ordóñez, L. D., Snyder, D. G., & Christian, M. S. (2015). The slippery slope: How small ethical transgressions pave the way for larger future transgressions. Journal Of Applied Psychology, 100(1), 114-127. doi:10.1037/a0036950