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WSU Data Catalog

Search the WSU Data Catalog to discover datasets generated by, licensed to, or publicly available to WSU researchers.

About the WSU Data Catalog

The WSU Data Catalog facilitates researchers’ discovery of data by providing a searchable and browesable online collection of datasets. Rather than functioning as a data repository, the catalog is a digital way-finder for researchers looking for datasets relevant to their work. It includes datasets generated by WSU researchers as well as publicly available and licensed datasets generated by external organizations.

The WSU Data Catalog is designed to:

  • Increase the visibility of research data generated by WSU researchers
  • Facilitate the discovery of datasets licensed to WSU researchers
  • Help WSU researchers locate publicly accessible datasets generated by external organizations

The code used to create the WSU Data Catalog is open source and made available via GitHub by the NYU Health Sciences Library. Documentation and further information is available via OSF. This data catalog is part of the Data Catalog Collaboration Project, a cross-institutional collaboration to index biomedical research data.