Film Studies/Media Studies

This guide is designed to help Film Studies students in the English Department, as well as Media Studies students in the Communication Department.

Some basic information

Film Production versus Film & Media Studies

Film Production and Film & Media Studies have different discourse communities. This page mainly focuses on resources that will help you understand the discourse community of film (and media) studies. For information on discovering resources for the discourse community related to film production, please see the box titled Film Production.

Film & Media Studies is a highly interdisciplinary field that focuses on theory. Film studies will overlap with media studies, and you may find Media Studies still uses the vocabulary of television. The vocabulary used to describe film and media studies is quickly changing, and may be inconsistent across topics and publications.

Film Production

Film Production

Use the resources in this box to help you discover discourse communities in film production.

Production can be broken down into three general categories: pre-production, production, and post production. Each of these three communities encompass smaller communities of various professions.

Pre-production includes activities such as screen writing/scripting, casting, scouting locations, creating shooting schedules, finding props and materials, costume design, etc.

Production includes cinematographers/camera operators, sound designers/recorders, lighting designers, stage directors, grips/gaffers, actors, directors, assistant directors, 

Post production activities include everything between the time the film is finished being recorded on set to when the film is released to play in theaters and other venues. Post-production includes editors, sound designers, marketers and distributors.



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