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Shiffman - Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences Guide

NAPLEX Preparation Questions & eBook

Key Resources:

3000+ questions available from Scott Sutton’s comprehensive NAPLEX® Review book and NAPLEX® Online Question Bank via AccessPharmacy. You need to create a free MyAccess account through clicking "Sign In". A quiz may not include more than 250 questions and cannot be saved mid-progress. 

McGraw-Hill's NAPLEX® Review Guide, 4e by S. Scott Sutton
2070 Questions available to create quizzes from the topics on cardiovascular disorders, immunologic, hematologic, and oncologic disorders, infectious diseases, renal and nutritional disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, respiratory disorders, bone and joint disorders, neurologic disorders, psychiatric disorders, endocrinologic disorders, health and wellness and other topics, & practice exams.


New NAPLEX Online Question Bank by S. Scott Sutton
1897 questions available to help you create random quiz on ensuring safe and effective pharmacotherapy and health outcome, as well as on safe and accurate preparation, compounding, dispensing, and administration of medications and provision of health care products.

3,000+ questions for NAPLEX preparation via APhA PharmacyLibrary. You need to create an account first and then sign in to practice. 


The APhA Complete Review for Pharmacy, 12th edition by Peter A. Chyka  
1000+ questions available


PharmPrepASHP's NAPLEX Review



Additional Resources  
2000+ questions available from two other pharmacy NAPLEX preparation books via AccessPharmacy.

Lange Q&A™ Pharmacy, 10e by Gary D. Hall, Barry S. Reiss
1704 Questions available to create quizzes from the topics on pharmacology, pharmaceutical calculations, pharmacy, pharmaceutical compounding, biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics, health care equipment and supplies, pharmaceutical care & patient profiles.


Quick Review: Pharmacy, 13e by Joyce A. Generali, Christine A. Berger
1056 questions available to create random quizzes.



1071 Questions available via Exam Master Online. The questions are designed to emulate the look and feel of the actual NAPLEX. In accordance of NABP guidelines, the majority questions are asked in a scenario-based format. To properly analyze and answer the questions presented, you must refer to the information provided in patient profile. Note: You need to create a FREE account and then login to Exam Master Online to practice.

Nearly 600 questions to prepare for the Pharmacy Curriculum Outcomes Assessment®



Over 1700 questions to test your knowledge of therapeutics with PharmacotherapyFirst self-assessment

Active Learning Exercises

Study Tools (AccessPharmacy)

  • Pharmacy Management Curriculum
    Learn the fundamental principles of pharmacy management through the lecture PowerPoints slides with comprehension questions.
  • Pill in the Blank
    Test your skills with this hangman-inspired word game! Get hints to pharmacy study questions and guess letters to reveal the answers.
  • Play Showdown!
    Challenge colleagues on their knowledge, quiz-bowl style! 
    You and your opponent will battle through two rounds of questions, each with five categories ranging from 100 to 400 points, plus a final question worth 500 points. Like other turn-based games, you can play live or opt in to get email notifications when it's your turn. You can also hone your skills by challenging the computer.