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January 2013

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“Detroit music embraces all styles and forms – Blues, County, Jazz, Gospel, Techno/Electric, Motown/R&B/Soul, Pop/Rock and a strong Classical music performance tradition. And more than being just a part of Detroit – it has traveled the world. From Jack Scott being a legend in Sweden, to obscure Detroit soul records being revered at Northern Soul palaces in England, to Paul Paray and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s enduring legacy on Mercury Records. And music lovers travel to Detroit – to the Motown Museum, the Jazz Festival, and the Techno music festival to see and experience what we developed and have enjoyed here for decades. Detroit Music – it travels the world and the world travels here. Detroit Music is truly international and still right here for us to enjoy.”

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Sound Recordings

Detroit's Music Venues

Images from the Virtual Motor City Collection

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Baker's Keyboard Lounge

Baker's Keyboard Lounge, Clarence Baker

Duke Theater

Duke Theater, Oak Park, MI

Graystone Ballroom

Woodward Ave and Canfield

Music Hall

Music Hall

Movement/Detroit Electronic Music Festival

Music Videos

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Picture of the Display

Picture of the Detroit Music Display

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