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June 2013

June is National Candy Month

Selectors: Katrina Rouan & Stephanie Fair

"Candy is a little pleasure in life, a real treat when enjoyed in moderation. Confectionery can promote a sense a well-being, but only if we treat ourselves right - to an overall balanced lifestyle sprinkled with just the right amount of snacks."

Quote provided from National Confectioners Association.


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Featured Video, June 2013

Not sure where chocolate actually comes from? Did you know chocolate comes from trees?  Watch the following video to get an idea of where chocolate originates.

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Take a look at these sites if you would like to read more about nutrition and staying healthy.

Government Nutritional Information

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This selection of books are available for circulation at Purdy Kresge Library.  These and other books will be on display in Purdy Kresge during the whole month of June.  Stop by Purdy Kresge to see all the other books that deal with candy!