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December 2013

Government Documents Display Sign

Selector: Monique Andrews

United States government information is more accessible than ever thanks to the Internet. Did you know there is no copyright on government information?  Federal information is produced for citizens and each year more is available for free on government web site and in online archives. Wayne State University Library System strives to provide access to online government information for students and the community.

General U.S. Government Websites, December 2013

Government Printing Office in 1907

American Artifacts: Government Printing Office

Aired on C-Span3 March 17, 2013

Featured Databases from the U.S. Government, December 2013

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Good Reads from the Government

Federal best sellers!

Picture of the Display

Photo of Government Documents Display

Notable U.S. Documents, December 2013

United States Government Manual    Logo for Social Security Administration  Budget for the United States Government

Reference Works

Videos on the GPO, December 2013

Links for Kids

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