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Kasle Collection

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Selectors: Richard Buboltz and Rachael Clark

About the Collection

Kasle Collection

The Kasle Collection was established in the mid-1950s by means of a generous grant from Mr. and Mrs. Abe Kasle and Family. The collection contains materials on Judaic-Christian heritage with a special emphasis on Judaica, Hebraica, and Yiddish literature.  

Individual items from this collection are shelved with like material throughout the Purdy/Kresge Library, with rare or fragile items housed in both the Purdy/Kresge Closed Collections and the vault. Other items are housed in the secure Storage area of the Adamany Undergraduate Library. All material from the Kasle Collection is clearly labeled as such in the online catalog, and can be viewed by doing a keyword search on “Kasle Collection.” Those items located in the Closed Collections, vault, or secure Storage can be requested using a form that is accessed via a link on the catalog record for each individual title. 

In the News

Abe Kasle & the Kasle Collection in the News

Judaica Library Established

Abe Kasle and Dr. G. Flint Purdy

Dr. G. Flint Purdy and Abe Kasle

Subject Areas in the Kasle Collection

Kasle Collection Display

Photo of the Display

The Kasle Collection contains books on a diverse range subject areas all relating to Judaic-Christian Studies.  The Library of Congress subclasses are listed below:

Abe Kasle

Photo of Abe Kasle

Photograph from In Tribute to the Menory of Abe Kasle, Michigan Jewish History, Volume 10, Issue 1, January 1970

To read the article, stop by the Subject of the Month display in the Purdy/Kresge Library during April and May 2013 or request from storage.

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