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Children's Literature

This is a guide to the study of children's literature at Wayne State University.

William Alfred Boyce Storytelling Collection

The William Alfred Boyce Storytelling Collection was donated by Mrs. Iana Boyce upon the death of her husband Dr. William Boyce, a professor at Wayne State University as well as a professional storyteller (a.k.a. The Story Peddler). Boyce taught courses in Oral Interpretation of Literature, Voice and Diction, Reader's Theatre, and Storytelling - an integral part of Children's Literature. The books in this collection represent some of the best works in the world of storytelling, a tradition as old as mankind. Storytelling is not only an art, but it reveals what is most important in our lives. Read these stories aloud, share them with those around you, or study the history of storytelling through this wonderful collection located on the fourth floor of Purdy Library.

Stories from the Global Community

Folklore Resources

Need help locating folklore resources in the library catalog? This is a good starting point and some examples are listed below.

Storytelling Performances

Many Stories but One World - Diane Ferlatte

Diane Ferlatte discusses how storytelling can travel from community to community, and help us to understand each other and our cultures

“The Deaf Tree” ASL Story

"The Deaf Tree" is a traditional Deaf Community story that highlights some of the best elements of American Sign Language storytelling.

Tales from the Longhouse - Perry Ground

Perry Ground tells several stories from "The People Who Built the Longhouse."

The Courage of Dajan Tigh - Rukhsana Khan

Rukhsana Khan shares the Persian story of a boy named Dajan Tigh who faces many tests to win the love of a beautiful princess.

Storytelling Resources