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Nutrition & Food Science

Welcome to the Nutrition & Food Science research guide. This is designed to outline library resources that are available to WSU students, faculty, and community members.

Connecting to Full Text Using Article Linker

What if I can't find the book or article I'm looking for?

Preprint Repositories

A preprint is an article that has been written for a scholarly journal but has not yet been peer-reviewed. Because the peer review process can be lengthy, preprints are a good source for current research, especially for rapidly emerging topics. Because they haven't yet been peer reviewed, it is wise to read them with discernment.

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Reference Desks

Undergraduate (UGL): 313-577-8852
Purdy/Kresge: 313-577-6423
Arthur Neef Law: 313-577-6180
Shiffman Medical: 313-577-1094


These databases are great places to find scholarly articles. A library database is a collection of information that you can search online. Academic libraries purchase database subscriptions so users can find what they need. In a library database, you can find: scholarly peer-reviewed articles, newspaper and magazine articles, dissertations, and trade publications.

Data and Statistics

Finding Scholarly Articles

Finding a Specific Article

If you are looking for a specific article and you know its citation information, you can enter that information into our Citation Linker to see if Wayne State has a copy of it.