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Nutrition & Food Science

Welcome to the Nutrition & Food Science research guide. This is designed to outline library resources that are available to WSU students, faculty, and community members.

Welcome to the Guide for Nutrition & Food Science!

image of woman grocery shopping in 1943

Image: Detroit News Photograph Collection (UAV002691), Walter P. Reuther Library, Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs, Wayne State University

This research guide serves as a starting point for finding resources on Nutrition & Food Science. The tabs on the left can be used to navigate through the guide for more information through the formats listed below:

Databases -- Find key databases containing scholarly research and data sets related to nutrition and food

Books & Media -- Discover print and electronic books, course reserves, reference materials, streaming videos etc.

Government Resources and Professional Organizations -- Open access, high quality internet resources for information about nutrition and food science.

If you have any difficulty finding answers to your questions on this research guide, please contact me! I'm happy to assist students, faculty, and community members with their research needs.

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