Guide to Patron Personas

An examination of the development and applications of User or Patron Personas in the WSULS.

Computer and Library Experience

Main Data Source

  • ECAR Surveys
    • Data Location:
      • Z:\Assessment\Surveys\ECAR Survey
      • Covers 2008 and 2011
    • These surveys cover a variety of different technological aptitudes as students' perceptions as to how skilled they are at using library systems and conducting formal research.
    • Note: WSU undergraduate students have self-rated themselves on their skill level.

Computer Experience


Library Experience

Secondary Data Source

  • 2008 C&IT Survey 
    • Data Location:
      • Z:\Assessment\Surveys\2008 C&IT Survey\Comments on Technology Training
    • Focuses more specifically on students, staff, and faculty at WSU and their feelings about technology training provided at WSU