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Dr. Ananda Prasad: Comment #17

Comment #17

Plasma zinc assay is the most commonly used bio-marker of zinc deficiency.  This assay, however, is neither specific nor sensitive.  In this paper we described a very specific and sensitive assay for zinc deficiency in human subjects.  We developed a test in which gene expression of IL-2 is corrected by simple in vitro addition of physiological amounts of zinc to mononuclear cells isolated from the zinc deficient subjects.  We believe that this test may be a very important bio-marker of human zinc deficiency.


Prasad, A.S., Bao, B., Beck, F.W.J., Sarkar, F.H.  Correction of IL-2 gene expression by in vitro zinc addition to MNC from zinc deficient human subjects: A specific test for zinc deficiency in humans.  Translation Research 148(6): 325-333, 2006.