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WSULS Committees


Calls the meeting of the Forum, sets the agenda, acts for the Forum and acts on matters referred to it by the Forum, by individual members of the Forum, by University agencies, and by other interested individuals.


  • Matt Fredericks, ASO III, SIS (12/23)
  • Michael Greenlee, Librarian I, DALNET (12/23) 
  • Ella Hu, Librarian III, Shiffman Medical Library (12/23)
  • Meghan McGowan, Librarian I, LRS (12/22)
  • Amelia Mowry, Librarian III, CMDS (12/22)
  • Maria Nuccilli, Librarian II, CMDS (12/23)
  • Monique Oldfield, Librarian III, LRS (12/23)
  • Michael Samson, Librarian IV, Neef Law Library (12/22)

News & Updates

The Libraries Academic Staff Evaluation and Promotion Calendar for 2020-2021 has been posted in the Documents section of this committee page.