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WSULS Committees


The University Libraries Assessment Committee (ULAC) is charged with assisting in the assessment of the University Libraries’ operations and their contributions to the learning, teaching, and research activities of Wayne State University. It assists with the Libraries’ participation in the University’s program assessment and with other assessment efforts including evaluating and recommending effective measures, tools, and techniques to be used in such assessment. 

ULAC has an essential role in the University Libraries’ annual program assessment efforts. The University Libraries’ assessment plan is revised and submitted to the WSU Director of Assessment and the University Assessment Council each fall semester with the assessment itself carried out the following winter semester. During that winter semester and the subsequent spring/summer semester, the results of the assessment are analyzed, action plans and timelines are formulated, and the assessment and actions are presented to stakeholders. This annual assessment is an essential part of the University’s continuous improvement efforts. (See the attached descriptive table.) 

ULAC also assists in formulating policies, procedures, and philosophy related to the assessment of the University Libraries’ operations and their contributions to the University’s educational and research activities. 

ULAC’s efforts lead to improvements in our teaching and services, enhancement of our collections and facilities, development of our staff, and promotion of a culture of assessment. 


  • Katherine Akers
  • Paul Beavers
  • Veronica Bielat
  • Jan Bissett 
  • Rachael Clark
  • Clayton Hayes 
  • Minhao Jiang 
  • Paul Neirink 
  • Alexandra Sarkozy 
  • Matthew Wisotsky 

News & Updates

The committee first met on 18 September 2019.