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WSULS Committees


Deliberates on the performance of academic staff and makes recommendations to the Dean regarding distribution of the Presidents-Deans/Directories selective salary adjustments. The Salary Committee may also make recommendations concerning equity adjustments in order to maintain an equitable and consistent salary structure. Conducts yearly peer evaluations for selective salary increases of all represented staff. Their charges also include approving rank and salary for incoming employees. Salary Committee is also responsible for making recommendations to the Dean regarding salary levels for new academic staff appointments.



  • Rachael Clark, Librarian IV, LRS
  • Ida Martinez, Librarian II, LRS
  • Joshua Neds-Fox, Librarian III, CMDS
  • Serena Vaquilar, Librarian I, LRS
  • Wendy Wu, Librarian IV, Shiffman Medical Library


  • Kristen Chinery, Archivist IV
  • Elizabeth Clemens, Archivist IV
  • Dan Golodner, Archivist III
  • Taylor Henning, Archivist I
  • Louis Jones, Archivist IV

News & Updates

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