Film Studies/Media Studies

This guide is designed to help Film Studies students in the English Department, as well as Media Studies students in the Communication Department.

Using Commercial Streaming Services

Commercial streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. may provide some allowances for using your personal account to stream films for educational use in courses. Here are links to allowances for educational use.

Creating Clips

Creating Clips

Here are some quick and simple options for creating clips from media playing on your computer.

Make sure you are following best practices and adhering to copyright guidelines for educational use when creating clips and making them available in your course. See Streaming Media and Online Courses content on this page for additional guidance.

This information is provided for informational purposes only and is not a recommendation for a particular program or process.

Converting Media to MP4

Workshop: Streaming Media & Creating Clips

Streaming Media for Online Courses

We hope you will be able to use the resources provided through the library system's streaming services or free quality resources available on the internet, to provide the media content needs for your teaching.

We understand that some materials are not available on platforms the library can license for educational use, or may only be available in a fixed medium, such as DVD. In those cases, legislative provisions allow for the following uses:

No matter who owns the physical DVD or VHS recording, there is no fair use argument for breaking the digital copyrights management (DCM) on media conversion from a fixed medium (like a DVD) to digital for streaming. This type of activity is covered under the Digital Copyright Millenium Act (DCMA) which only provides for screen capture of reasonable portions of a film to be used for critique or analysis in a class. The university is legally unable to DVD/VHS to digital conversion, as such activity would violate the WSU Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources policy. 

In accordance with the Exemption to Prohibition on Circumvention of Copyright Protection Systems for Access Control Technologies, A Rule by the Copyright Office, Library of Congress on 10/26/2018 (Final Rule) and in alignment with the provisions of the TEACH Act, you may:

  • Use screen capture software to capture clips (short portions) into new works for criticism or comment. (best practice suggests 20% or less of total film running time)
  • Post this screen capture using a streaming system that would prevent downloading and distribution of the file. 

Please consult our instructions for capture and streaming using ECHO 360 to make these resources available in your Canvas course site.

Before you begin, we recommend you check with the Student Success Librarian or your Subject Specialist Liaison Librarian to determine if there is a streaming version of the media you would like to use on a platform that can be licensed by the library.

Supplemental information related to use of copyrighted media in online classes.

Streaming Media @ the WSU Libraries

If you would like to request a film to stream during a class session or use for a student activity presented by a registered student group, please use our Streaming Media (Video and Audio) Request Form.

If you have questions, please contact your Subject Specialist Librarian.

Streaming media platforms and collections at the library include:

Special Collections

Free Online Video sites

Free film access (commercial sites) contain advertising

Using Hoopla