This guide will aid History students and researchers to make the best use of Wayne State University Library System resources and general internet resources.

Primary Sources: Original Documents, Photos, and Newspapers

Primary sources are the original documents from the time the event took place. They are created by historical actors or observers.

While some primary sources from this time period (e.g., newspaper articles, scanned historical photos from personal collections that Detroiters have put online, other digitized sources), most of the primary sources you need will require a visit to an archives or other collecting institution. Some of the local archives that have materials related to Detroit history during the Coleman Young years are listed on below. When you identify an archives you'd like to visit, it's best to first email the reference archivist and tell them about your project, and what collection you'd like to see on your visit. The archivist can also recommend other materials related to your topic in the archives, pull selected materials for you, and help you arrange your visit.

Research Methods Primary Sources is a new online subscription resource that contains essays and instructions on how to do primary source research in the humanities, including history.


Summon is a "discovery layer" that searches the WSU catalog (index of books), ebooks, journal articles, and newspapers in the WSU Library. This is a very great place to start looking for secondary sources on your topic. 

Summon pro-tip: to discover sources on the topic that WSU does not have a license to but can obtain for you via Interlibrary Loan, check the "Add results beyond your library's collection" box on the left side of search results.

Summon pro-tip #2: You can search for archival collections that contain certain keywords by choosing "Archival Material" from left menu of the search results.

Secondary Sources: Books and Articles Written About Coleman Young

Interlibrary Loan

If WSU Library does not have a book or article you are looking for in our collection, we will borrow or purchase that book for you, free of charge. This service is called Interlibrary Loan. Click here to make a request through Interlibrary Loan.

Search Google Scholar

Searching Google Scholar through the library's connection provides you free access to our full-text articles.

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