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Newspaper Sources: Historical and Older Newspapers

Google Newspaper Digitization Project

Google News Archive Search

Google News Archive Browse

Google has decided to end its newspaper digitization project. Existing content, about 60 million pages from 2,000 newspapers, will remain available, but no new content will be added. See American Libraries article. (5/24/2011)

How to: Search a Database for Newspaper Sources

Depending on the database, you may need to refine your results to search for newspaper sources only. In most databases, this can be done by:

  • If not on campus, log on with your Access ID and Password when redirected to the EZ Proxy webpage
  • Click "Advanced Search" near the search bar
  • Look for "Content Type" or "Source Type" or "Publication Type" options
  • Click on or check a box that says "Newspaper" or "Newspaper & Periodicals"
  • Continue your search terms using the search bar 

However, most of the links within this guide will lead you directly to Newspaper refined results of the database.