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How to Use EndNote

This guide will help you learn how to use EndNote

Getting Help with EndNote

EndNote Technical Support is available:
Mon-Fri 9 AM - 8 PM ET
Call 1-800-336-4474
At the prompt press 4, and then select press 1 (the EndNote option).

EndNote Online User Guide

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The Little EndNote How-To Book (X9)

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Importing Citations from Google Scholar

You can import a reference from Google Scholar directly into EndNote. Using the Cite method, a .enw file will download and import the reference into EndNote upon opening. You may also change your Google Scholar settings to eliminate clicks in this process.

The Cite Method

Go to the Google Scholar homepage using the link in the QuickLinks menu at and conduct a search. Click on Cite under the record you'd like to cite:

Now select EndNote from the options at the bottom in the pop up box:

A .enw file with your reference will download. Opening it will import your reference into EndNote.

Changing Your Settings to Make the Process Quicker

Once logged in to Google Scholar, go to your Settings page. On a Google Scholar results page this will be in the upper right corner. Click the downward arrow to get to Settings:

On the Google Scholar homepage there will be a Settings option along the top of the page. In the menu that opens move to the Bibliography Manager section at the bottom. Change BibTeX to EndNote in the "Show links to import citations into" option and click Save. Your search results will now display Import into EndNote rather than Cite. Clicking Import into EndNote will automatically download the .enw reference file.