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How to Cite References Using Chicago Style/Turabian

Chicago Style 17th Edition Examples - Articles/Periodicals

Listed below are examples of proper formatting of bibliographic references (B) and a corresponding footnote/endnote (N) for each source type.

  • General Format for Periodicals

B:   Last Name, First Name. "Article Title." Journal Title volume no., issue no. (Date of publication) Page numbers. Access Date. DOI or URL of electronic periodicals.

N:   1. First Name Last Name, "Article Title," Journal Title volume no., issue no. (Date of publication): page number, Access date, DOI/URL.

  • Electronic Copy of a Journal Article from a Database (note that in the footnote/endnote only the page quoted from is included, while in the bibliography you include the first through last pages)

B:   Bent, Henry E. "Professionalization of the Ph.D. Degree." College Composition and Communication 58, no. 4 (2007): 0-145. Accessed December 14, 2018.

N:   1. Henry E. Bent, "Professionalization of the Ph.D. Degree," College Composition and Communication 58, no. 4 (2007): 142, accessed December 14, 2018,

  • Print Journal Article

B:   MacDonald, Susan Peck. "The Erasure of Language." College Composition and Communication 58, no. 4 (2007): 585-625.

N:   2. Susan Peck MacDonald, "The Erasure of Language," College Composition and Communication 58, no. 4 (2007): 619.

  • Magazine Articles

B:   Macel, Emily. "Beijing's Modern Movement." Dance Magazine, February 2009.

N:   Emily Macel, "Beijing's Modern Movement," Dance Magazine, February 2009, 35.

  • Electronic Magazine Articles

B:   YoungSmith, Barron. "Date local: The case against long distance relationships." Green Room. Slate, February 4, 2009. Accessed December 14, 2018.

N:   2. Barron YoungSmith, "Date local: The case against long distance relationships." Green Room, Slate, February 4, 2009, accessed December 14, 2018,

  • Newspapers

B:   Pareles, Jon. "Pop in the Era of Distraction." New York Times, Jan. 1, 2019.

N:   3. Jon Pareles, "Pop in the Era of Distraction," New York Times, Jan. 1, 2019.

More on citing Newspaper Articles:

  • When recording the date of a newspaper article, the month is usually abbreviated. (Example: February = Feb.).
  • If a name of a newspaper begins with "The", this word is omitted. For American newspapers that are not well known, a city name should be added along with the newspaper title. Example:

            B:   Deo, Nisha. "Visiting Professor Lectures on Photographer." Exponent (West Lafayette, IN), Feb. 13, 2009.

  • If a regular column is cited, the column name may be included with the article title.
  • Published editorials and letters to the editor should be treated generically, usually without headlines. Instead of a title, use "letter to the editor".