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Rouge River Watershed Council (1978-1995)

The Rouge River Archive is a collection of reports, conference proceedings, and other documents related to efforts to remediate and manage the watershed of the Rouge River in Southeastern Michigan. Items in the collection were published by a variety of government agencies and consultants between 1955-1995; the focus of the collection is the period between 1978-1995 when efforts to manage pollution and flooding in the watershed gained momentum.

Topics represented in the collection include:
  • hydrology
  • storm water management
  • wetlands and watershed management
  • illegal discharge
  • control of combined sewer overflows
  • sampling and monitoring
  • public education and involvement

The items in the Rouge River archive were originally collected by Dr. Ralph Kummler (former chair of Wayne State's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering) and transferred to the WSU Library System for curation. Dr. Kummler collected the material with the assistance of WSU departments and faculty including:

  • Biological Sciences (Dr. Donna Kashian)
  • Chemistry (Dr. Judy Westrick)
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering (Drs. Thomas Heidtke, Carol Miller and Shawn McElmurry)
  • Geological Science (Dr. Mark Baskaran)
  • Pharmacy & Health Science (Dr. David Pitts)
  • School of Medicine - Physiology (Dr. Jeffrey Ram)

Rouge River: Images from the Virtual Motor City Collection

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The Rouge River Archive (formerly located in the Science & Engineering Library) has been relocated to Purdy-Kresge Library. Contact Special Collections to access materials from this collection.

SEMCOG Records at the Reuther Library

The Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) records at WSU's Walter P. Reuther Library contains a significant number of documents related to efforts to control pollution and improve water quality in Southeastern Michigan during the period from 1980-2000.