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Museum Websites for African Art

Many museums, with collections in African art, present portions of their collections online. Below are some museum sites with significant exhibits.

Websites: African Art

There are many useful websites for researching African art and Art history. Below are few of the most useful for finding freely available electronic sources.


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African Art: Featured Online Encyclopedia

Full Text Article Databases

Listed below are databases which contain full-text, scholarly and non-scholarly articles in both African studies and African art history. For more information on these databases go to the "Full-Text Databases" tab here in the Art and Art History guide.

Journals: African Art - Best Bets

Below are the most popular journals which publish scholarly articles on African arts, culture, and African art history.

Journals: African Studies and Related

Below are journals which publish regularly on topics related to African culture, art, politics, society, economics, and history.

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Below is a list of SUBJECT terms which may be useful:

Art, African
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Art and society -- Africa
Cities and towns
Cities and towns -- Africa
City and town life
Human geography
Public Spaces
Sociology, Urban
Urban Policy -- Africa
Urbanization -- Africa 

Reference Works: African Art

Here is a list of helpful resources for finding background information:


Bibliographies are useful for finding resources which are central to researching a specific subject. Below are a few of the bibliographies in African Art available here at Wayne State University