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Kinesiology, Health and Sport Studies

Welcome to the Kinesiology, Health & Sport Studies research guide. This is designed to outline library resources that are available to WSU students, faculty, and community members.

Power Searching

Hierarchy of Evidence

hierarchy of evidence pyramid

Why We Cite

Help with APA Style

The College of Education uses the APA 6th Edition style manual for paper and citation formatting. Applying APA style correctly is an important step in preventing plagiarism. These resources can help you if you are unfamiliar with APA style or need clarification on how to properly cite a source.

Google Scholar vs. PubMed vs. Web of Science

Plagiarism: how to avoid it

Draft Plagiarism Check


The PICO Method

The PICO (Population/patient, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome) method is often used to search for clinical research or describe a research question. For a more detailed description, watch the video below:

Searching with Boolean Operators