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Kinesiology, Health and Sport Studies

Welcome to the Kinesiology, Health & Sport Studies research guide. This is designed to outline library resources that are available to WSU students, faculty, and community members.

Article Databases for KHS

These databases are great places to find scholarly articles. A library database is a collection of information that you can search online. Academic libraries purchase database subscriptions so users can find what they need. In a library database, you can find: scholarly peer-reviewed articles, newspaper and magazine articles, dissertations, and trade publications.

Following are recommended databases you can search to locate articles in the field of Kinesiology, Health and Sport Studies.

Finding Scholarly Articles

The PICO Method

The PICO (Population/patient, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome) method is often used to search for clinical research or describe a research question. For a more detailed description, watch the video below: