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Kinesiology, Health and Sport Studies

Welcome to the Kinesiology, Health & Sport Studies research guide. This is designed to outline library resources that are available to WSU students, faculty, and community members.

Welcome to the KHS Research Guide!

This research guide serves as a starting point for finding resources for Kinesiology, Health and Sport Studies. The tabs on the left can be used to navigate through the guide for more information through the formats listed below:

  • Databases for Research and Reference -- Find peer-reviewed articles and other reference resources
  • Community Health & Health Education -- Find peer-reviewed articles geared toward patients and clients
  • Sports Administration -- Look for journal articles or helpful databases relevant to Sports Administration
  • Clinical Athletic Training-- Look for journal articles or helpful databases relevant to Clinical Athletic Training
  • Health Statistics and Data -- Trying to find statistics and demographic data? Check here

If you have any difficulty finding answers to your questions on this research guide, please contact me!

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